PASCOR Switch Accessories

Wire Guides


Custom wire guides are available for our vertical break switch line. Designed with double conductor barrels, a single conductor barrel, or an open trench to fit your application. Wire guides reduce loading on switch terminal pads. 

SI Outriggers


Standoff Insulator (SI) Outriggers are recommended when hard bus or extremely heavy connectors are being brought in to the switch. The Standoff Insulator Outrigger eliminates stress on the terminal pad.

SL Horn


PASCOR’s Spring Loaded Arc Horn (SL Horn) is available for our vertical break line. The SL Horn provides additional line dropping and magnetizing current interruption capability for PASCOR’s  161kV and 230kV switches.     

Position Indicator


The position indicator provides a simple easy to read signal that informs an operator what position the switch is in from a distance. 

Custom Operator Platforms


Operator platforms can be designed as either fixed or hinged units. The hinged option allows an operator to secure them up and out of the way, adding both safety and security to the site.

External Auxiliary Switch Assemblies


Our auxiliary switch line is ideal for manually operated switches. Designed to mount on the vertical operating pipe for customers to wire whatever they want.  We offer a simple 2-stage auxiliary switch assembly up to a 16-stage.  All assemblies come in a NEMA 4X enclosure.